About Us

Essence of The Rudraksh

At The Rudraksh, we offer a blend of all that nurtures the mind, body and soul and this is the thought that goes behind the design of our distinctive logo.

The 7 leaves represent the 2 Vedic elements (consciousness and spirit) and 5 classical elements (earth, air, fire, water, and aether).

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How We Follow Sustainability at the Rudraksh

We uphold our guest’s conscious decision to stay with us and seek to promote ecotourism as a part of our effort to practice sustainable and responsible tourism.

Our people hail from the local communities and neighbourhoods, and the experiences we offer stem from the character of our people and our location and reflect the true nature of our land. We aim for experiences which are rich and positive for the hosts as well as our guests. We have made a conscious effort in keeping the land connected to its native roots. We respect the spiritual beliefs of the indigenous people in our community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment. We also believe in spreading awareness and educating our neighbours regarding the conservation of the earth’s vital resources.

There are certain measures that we take consciously to ensure sustainability at our retreat.

Our ‘Prithvi Sanrakshet’ initiative contributes to our pledge of fighting the waste and carbon footprint generated from the manufacture, transportation and disposal of conventional plastic bottles. Water, at our retreat, is filtered using a zero-waste filtration process and served in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

Optimum usage of linen is promoted to conserve water. Furthermore, rainwater is collected and stored for purposes such as organic farming and washing laundry.

We turn our wet waste into vermicompost and manure respectively and all the other garbage is collected and transported to Rishikesh for proper disposal.

The team has also installed garbage cans in nearby areas and conduct occasional clean-up drives.

What Our Guests Say

We Invite You to Our Magnificent Creation

How to Reach

Holding the magnetism of utmost bliss in nature, The Rudraksh is located in Selur village of Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level and is well connected by road from different cities and towns. It is

  • 3 hours drive from Rishikesh.
  • 3 hours drive from Dehradun Airport.
  • 4 hours drive from Haridwar & Dehradun Railway Station.
  • 2.5 hours drive from Hill Queen town of Mussoorie.

The last 4 km of the motorable approach road to the resort itself is a part of The Rudraksh experience. The road has sharp hairpin bends and offers a magnificent view of the Himalayan hills and flora over a steep narrow climb. This public road is well-developed and well-maintained.

If you still require any further navigational information during the travel, please call us at (+91) 8077039447 and we will be happy to assist you in reaching The Rudraksh!

For valued guests of the Rudraksh, the resort provides comfortable and convenient airport transfers. From the Dehradun airport, you will drive directly to the doorstep of the resort, through lush forests and beautiful curves that provide the most incredible views below!

Enjoy a peaceful, scenic, and comfortable drive directly into your holiday retreat.

Call our reservations team when making your booking with flight details and pickup timings!