Nestled in the lap of the majestic range of the Himalayas, the hidden gem called Tehri is a paradise for lovers of nature. The hospitality and the outstanding natural beauty in this region should definitely make it a too formidable option to go with. The view of the mountains and forest here should make it something you would vie for. And the wonderful and exquisite nature resort in this area would be something that you would find luxurious to the core.

Tehri is all about exquisite natural beauty.

Tehri is known the world over for its natural beauty, and the resort in this region capitalises on the surroundings to offer you an unparalleled experience amid nature. The cascading waterfalls, an excellent range of forests, and snow-covered peaks are a few areas that the Rudraksh resort in the Tehri region seamlessly integrates with the environment around. The resort’s panoramic views make the stay quite innovative and help you be one with nature.

Wellness and peace amalgamated.

If you are looking for rejuvenation and relaxation, Rudraksh Resort is suitable for you. The best nature resort in Tehri offers an exclusive yoga and meditation centre. A perfect holistic healing destination, it offers a spacious and well-ventilated setting in natural surroundings. Go for a pure experience of relaxation and enjoy the best that nature offers for your well-being.

An excellent collection of amenities to sweep  you off your feet

As if moving around dwelling in the comforts of nature is not enough, Rudraksh also provides you with access to multiple amenities. That would make your experience stand out and something you would cherish forever.

A glimpse at the amenities available at the Rudraksh would include

  • The spacious and luxurious rooms with an unhindered view of nature.
  • A restaurant that is designed to satiate the gourmet in you with the organic cuisine
  • Cycling trails, bird watching, hikes and even leisurely walks amid nature
  • Library to quench your intellectual thirst.
  • Swimming pool.

No matter whether you are looking forward to a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a wellness retreat, this is the best you would find in Tehri and a great way to be in the lap of nature.

A Nature Resort in Tehri focusing on sustainability

The focus on sustainability and being one with nature is what makes Rudraksh a glorious retreat. As it is, the ecosystem in Tehri is vulnerable and fragile. Rudraksh understands this and is committed to sustainable practices. It focuses on eco-friendly practices to ensure little or no impact on the environment. The use of renewable energy sources and all the efforts for the management and conservation of nature makes Rudraksh a dedicated soldier as a responsible entity and the steward of the nature.

Well, that should have given you an idea of why Rudraksh Retreat is your prime choice for the next outing to the natural haven of Tehri. Look no further than Rudraksh, which is your one-stop solution for Luxury nature resorts in Tehri.

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